South Africa possesses a plethora of creative minds with the ability to contribute to changing the face of education in Africa, and a specially selected few will be showcasing their unique innovations at the Fundi Education Forum, taking place at the Sandton International Convention Centre on the 29th October 2018.


Over and above bringing together former heads of African states and chief digital officers, this year’s forum has included young creative innovators that will also be sharing their take on disruptive ideas to aid education and learning on the continent, as this is the epi-centre of where disruption is taking place. From customized educational solutions for learners with remedial and special needs to innovative learning solutions through mobile technology and social enterprise innovative technologies to mention but a few, these innovations have the ability to shape learning and improve the state of education across the African continent.


“Fundi, as an organisation, prides itself in helping others realise their purpose and provides the right financial solutions to enable them to realise their goals and dreams. The balance between youth, business and  highly experienced professionals at this year’s Fundi Education Forum seeks to blend these dynamics, which we believe is a great recipe for industrialized solutions”, said Fundi Chief Marketing Officer Mala Suriah.


The innovators will display their ingenious solutions at the centre of the Fundi Education Forum, providing guests with more information regarding how their innovations seek to contribute to the educational journey of all Africans. They will form part of the overall programme to demonstrate how their innovations will disrupt African education for the better. Their innovations all have one thing in common; they will prepare individuals for future jobs on a global scale.


“We live in a fast-paced society and thus technology plays a key role in advancing the learning environment and such ideas and innovations should be given the spotlight and an opportunity to exercise their purpose”, added Suriah.


The fusion between the young innovators, business executives and the more experienced panelists is a no-brainer in finding plausible solutions, what better way to discuss issues and find solutions for education than by utilising both the younger and older generation? They both possess different insights relating to their experiences and ideas altogether.

  The Fundi Education Forum is a platform where true and real collaboration is showcased in an effort to accelerate and provide mass solutions for education in the 4th industrial revolution, while putting a key focus on simplifying the learning journey.