Imagine a world where parents never have to worry about whether their children have money for lunch or for necessities at school. Fundi is setting the precedent for cashless payment solutions in South African schools.

Introducing FundiPay. A new way to pay. FundiPay provides a safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash, by enabling parents or sponsors to transfer money into a learners account, to make payments for school-related items like food, clothing, events, uniforms, fees and more.

Fundipay Steps

Parents, Learners, Schools and Merchants. 

Connecting to FundiPay is simple. Parents can allocate funds into a learner’s cash pocket for food, clothing, events or stationery. Students can then use FundiPay to make payments with a tap of their FundiPay wristband, FundiCard or using the cellphone App.

What’s more, schools and tuck-shops now have better control over cash, and can connect to FundiPay via a cellphone App or by using a pay-point terminal. There are no monthly fees, transaction fees or implementation fees - only an annual card charge.

Fundipay Watch

Parents, schools or merchants can register for FundiPay at, call 011 670 6261 or email