The Fundi Bursary Management solution covers all facets of finance management, providing assurance that funds are spent as intended – whether in the form of bursaries, CSI or training. It comes with powerful reporting tools, to help ensure that you and your students get the maximum benefit. 

Administration of Bursary Funds

Our innovative FundiCard, lets you control how bursary money is spent. This gives you access to fund allocations and a reporting dashboard that offers peace of mind that funds are disbursed and spent correctly.

Partnering for Success

We currently partner with over 120 businesses and organisations to provide end-to-end bursary fund administration. Let us partner with you and your company to provide secure and transparent Bursary Fund Administration. Our time and attendance technology tracks lecture attendance, ensuring that students remain focused on their education.

A payment solution designed to make your learning world a lot more convenient. The FundiCard is like a debit card, but with various pockets to manage how funds are allocated. This keeps accounting and reporting simple. Students are now able to pay for tuition, books, accommodation, technology, meals and more with a single card

The FUNDI Bursary Support Programme is geared towards enabling all students to successfully compete. We do this by incorporating academic, psychosocial and career development support systems – ensuring that a holistic learning and support programme is in place.

We connect potential candidates with potential bursars and we also facilitate this relationship from anywhere, at any time.

We play a pivotal role in hand-picking the right candidates based on bursary criteria.