Over and above educational funding, Fundi also covers outstanding balances, registration fees, laptops, textbooks, study tools, accommodation, as well as uniforms and stationery.

Cashless Solutions

A payment solution designed to make your learning world a lot more convenient. FundiCard is our innovative, cashless payment technology that is trusted by educational institutions and over 2570 retail outlets. The FundiCard is like a debit card, but with various pockets to manage your spending on and off campus. The pockets ensure you do not overspend and still have money for textbooks, accommodation, food and study tools.

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Going cashless is the future of payments in schools. FundiPay provides a safe and convenient alternative to carrying cash, by enabling parents or sponsors to transfer money into a learners account, to make payments for school-related items like tuck-shop food, school uniforms, events and more. Students can then use FundiPay to make payments with a tap of their FundiPay wristband, FundiCard or using the Digital Card.

We are still working to ensure your best Fundi experience. In the meantime, please visit FundiPay.

We understand the real cost of getting an education. Whether you need a loan to cover your textbooks, laptop or a tablet, a musical instrument, a scientific calculator, a stethoscope or safety equipment, our list of finance assistance for study related equipment is endless. No matter your field of study, Fundi can offer you financial assistance for any study-related equipment.

We are still working to ensure your best Fundi experience. In the meantime, please visit FundiShop.


We've proudly partnered with TeachMe2 to bring you more support in your studies. Search the Fundiverse and you will find 1000s of screened tutors around South Africa to assist you.


All knowledge starts with a thought, a desire to know more. This is then followed by words. So if you require funding for your textbooks, the just ask the Fundiverse. It can make any dream happen.

Food Merchants and Retailers

Fundi has partnered with over 2570 retail outlets all over South Africa. Learners can use the FundiCard to swipe for textbooks, accommodation, food and study tools. Some of our retail partners include Makro, Shoprite, Checkers, PicknPay, selected Spar outlets, Nandos, Gallitos, KFC and more.


Studying away from home, you can get a loan to pay for accommodation at residences close to an institution of your choice. We have a database of over 800 accommodation providers throughout South Africa.