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2020 Late Applications: what you need to know

by Morgan Bolnick

If you think you’ve missed the boat to study in 2020, think again. Some institutions in South Africa accept late applications.

Late Applications: you’re still in with a shot

If you’re reading this now, most major universities have closed their 2020 applications. This includes online applications.


Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) accepts late applications depending on available space. Check their website and apply online. Be sure to do so ASAP as the university can only accept 15 000  students per year and they often receive applications several times that number. 

The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN) also accepts late applications at a late application fee of R400. Late applications are only considered if there is still space in programme and if entrance requirements are met. 

Here is a list of colleges that take applications throughout the year:

Better late than Never

If time seems to be running out at an unreal pace, perhaps consider registering at a TVET College. Many TVET colleges have several intakes during the year. So if you miss the registration bus and the universities turn their noses up, you don’t have to fret.

If you’ve heard of this type of institution but find yourself wondering if this is an option for you, wonder no more.  We dive into the weight a TVET College qualification holds. 

Simply check the university website or contact the university applications office  directly to see if they allow for ‘late applications’. Universities generally only keep courses and programmes open for late applications  if there is available space for a certain study programme.

Late Applications: move it or lose it

Keep in mind that if you haven’t gone through the process of preparing all the required documents for the initial application deadline, you’ll have to move fast. Preparing everything you need so you can submit the late application on time is essential.

Take note of these important aspects of late applications:

  1. Usually, late applications are available for certain study programmes ONLY (disciplines that are in less demand)! So carefully check the list or get informed about the available courses for late applications.
  2. Universities are usually pretty strict when it comes to application dates –  pleading and pouting does little to help.
  3. Late applications don’t guarantee that you’ll be offered an actual place in the study programme.

Online Application: Express Delivery

Hate standing in a queue? Fortunately, online applications are a thing.  This is the way to go in our digital age – so if you’re late, you can still be on time. Unless you’re applying for postgraduate studies. In this case, some universities require you to apply at their offices. If you’re applying online, it’s important to have the necessary documents scanned and ready to upload during the application. While there are a few ways you can apply to your tertiary institution of choice, online applications could save you time and energy.

EduConnect 2Cents

While we don’t advise procrastinating, if you’ve been in holiday mode too long, there’s no need to panic. Studying in 2020 is still possible.  Make a move – you’ve got this 🙂

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