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Empower through Education: Making a Change in South Africa

by admin


It’s Youth Day!  We asked you to tell us how you can use education to create change in South Africa.  Samuel Mofokeng did just that.  Here are his thoughts.  

Education is a catalyst and equaliser in economies, communities & generations. This powerful tool can change the world, but most importantly it can change lives. I’m a young South African within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and I’m going to elaborate on how we can use Education to change South Africa.

Application of Education

It is no use having Education but not being able to apply your Education. Practical application is important in a growing economy like ours. As students and South African citizens, we should be inspired to apply what we have learned. Let’s take the classroom to the streets of South Africa and create through what we learn. An example of application would be Entrepreneurship. Taking lessons learned & applying them in the market for value. This would eradicate unemployment rates In South Africa.

Systematic Learning

Our Education system needs to prepare our generation to be global leaders because our generation is playing in a global market. Systematic learning would encourage higher pass rates, the application of technology and encouragement of a system that develops the individual in every student. This approach of education would groom confident and globally competitive graduates in South Africa.

Youth Collaborations

Youth is power, Youth is energy and Youth is passion.

Education can change South Africa when South African Youth collaborate to make improvements to the Education system.
Education will change South Africa when the Youth personalise the value of Education to their individual circumstances.

Yes, I believe Education can change South Africa. 

Education will change South Africa by creating Leaders who are adaptive and competitive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Education will change South Africa when each child can believe that through Education their destiny can alter.

Education will Change South Africa and that’s a fact!

Always remember the words of Nelson Mandela,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


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