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Everyday I’m Hustling – Soundtrack to Student Jobs

by Staff Reporter

It’s no secret that students tend to hustle their way through varsity. Francesca investigates how you can get dancing to the bank with different types of student jobs.

Everybody knows that student life is tough. Apart from all the new discourses, dense readers, assignments and long hours in the library, I recall all of my friends at varsity complaining that they were broke at least once.

For some bizarre reason, the transition between high school and varsity leaves you completely broke, eating R6 samosas and R10 slap chips for lunch every day. It’s as if our parents (or guardians) decide that helping us get into university is enough, and that we don’t need any more financial help.

I joke.

But there certainly is something strange about being a student, and the way we constantly seem to have our heads at the bottom of our bags, scratching for that last R2. It can all become very comical, but going through varsity completely broke can really put a damper on what is supposed to be an awesome university experience.

Hustling is no joke. Some may be better at it than others. Luckily for you there are worlds of part-time jobs, as well as people who are keen to help a student out.

Part-time student jobs

I clearly remember my first working experience as a student. It was the December holidays after my first year of study, and I was lucky enough to be offered a job in a high-end retail store. I immediately accepted it. I was on my way to becoming a ‘freelance stylist.’ Or so I thought.

As stylists, we had to be dressed in only the finest, designer outfits, of course. All the makeup and pretty clothes made for a glamorous appearance, but after constantly smiling for a month, and no longer being able to bear wearing a pair of heels, I finally came to the realisation that retail was not for me.

Although it was a time that gave me interesting work experience, some clothes (that I may or may not have worn again), and a delighted bank account, that page in my life came to an end.

Fast forward to the end of my first varsity experience and I’ve experienced quite an array of money-making means, ranging from promotions to corporate activations, assisting at events, writing and face painting – of which have been serving a purpose in their own way.

These part-time jobs don’t always have to be related to your field of study and are in no way a reflection of where you’re headed in the future, so don’t worry too much. Pick something you can have fun with and enjoy. Student job experiences, may be there not only to save us from infinite brokenness and hustling, but perhaps also to teach us things about ourselves.

Here are some ideas that will hopefully get you dancing to the bank


 If you enjoy interacting with people and being creative with some drinks, then this one may be for you. If the thought of spending 9 hours, in a loud, smoky club makes you cringe, don’t worry, bartending comes in all forms.

For example

  • Bartending at catering events (which could be a good place to start, with possibly a more relaxed environment)
  • Restaurant bartending (an option that could be both relaxed and exciting, with some nice tips coming your way)
  • Bartending in bars or pubs (this requires a bit more experience, as it is often fast-paced and stressful)
  • Nightclub bartending (a whole other level, as these bartenders definitely need to be accurate, quick and skilled)

Note, you either need to be at least 18 or 21 years old depending on where you choose to work, and most jobs will require your own transport, unless you’re able to catch a lift with your fellow bartenders.

You can browse sites like to look for bartending jobs.

Join the Red Bull Wings Team

 If you’re looking for a job where you get to energise and interact with different people, this could be your pick.

‘Being a part of Red Bull Wings team is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It involves enlightening consumers about the world of Red Bull and consuming the occasional complimentary can. It’s not for the shy, but definitely for the adventurous student with innovation in abundance.’

Lejeane Inacio (former wings member)

This job requires you to do 5 hour shifts, 3 times a week, anytime between 5am – 10pm, and according to Lejeane,

‘The pay was good. It’s Red Bull.’

A license is required. 


If you love working with children and imparting knowledge, consider tutoring a primary school or high school subject (most tutoring companies require you to have received a distinction in the specific subject). If you teach a language, you can also tutor adults, which generally pays a bit more.

Anyone with a love for teaching and education would be good at this job. The hours are flexible ranging from 1-2 hours a day, and you may be able to make your own schedule.

Tutoring one of your subjects at varsity is also an option, especially if you’re a final year student. Consult with the head of your department to see if there are any tutoring spots available.

Own transport is usually required.

A good tutoring agency to work for is Teach Me 2.

House Sitting, Pet Sitting, or Au Pairing

 Are you responsible and willing to look after someone’s home while they’re away, or take care of their children after school, or feed and walk pets when the family is away?

This option would suit anyone who prefers a ‘low key’ job, few people to interact with, and possibly some down-time while working. Housesitting can specifically be good to consider as a holiday job, as many people are away during this time.

Check out some ‘sitting jobs’.

Own transport usually required. 


If you’re into shopping, and are a friendly, good sales person, a job in retail could be successful for you.

There are so many stores to pick from, ranging from clothing stores, to book stores, to furniture stores. Whatever you fancy, you will find it.

Retail stores are usually open from 9am-6pm, and may stay open later over weekends and the festive season.

Just pick one, pop by, and drop off your CV.

Own transport usually required, unless you find a lift club at work.


This is a great way to make some extra cash, especially if you love being in front of the camera. If you’re worried that you’re not the typical ‘model type’, just know that there are plenty of roles for extras on adverts, movies, and even soapies.

Shooting hours almost always take at least 12 hours, but who minds if you get to feel glamorous for even just one day.

Own transport is required most of the time, unless the production team organises lifts for everyone.

Check out Boss Models, D&A Models and GAPA agencies.

Waiting Tables

If you’re a people person and love being around food, why not try this.

Apart from the tips, waitressing comes with a lot more benefits than you think – learning to work under pressure, thinking on your feet and if you’re working somewhere impressive, getting to know all the fancy foodie lingo.


If you have a specific service to offer such as writing, translating, designing and lots more, check out this cool website to make some cash.

This job is more flexible than the others, as you pick when you’d like to work. Fiverr is international and you get paid various amounts for each job you complete.

If you aren’t really a people’s person, this could be your pick. It’s just you, your computer and a strong cup of coffee to get the creative juices flowing.

Check out Fiverr

Going through all these options takes me back to all the times I drag myself to my own part-time jobs. Although they weren’t always perfect, these experiences helped me grow and mature in so many ways, not to mention made me some moola.

Part-time jobs are important, and as a student, slowly weaning yourself off mom and dad teaches you the value of money. Trust me, that Big Mac will taste so much juicier when you know that you’ve worked for it.

EduConnect 2Cents

Your varsity years are possibly the best years of your life, and part-time jobs add another layer to this wild journey. There are tons of options, so no excuses. Pick something you can see yourself enjoying, as this will motivate you and definitely promise more success.

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