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Score funding through UNISA

by Claire Tarr

Did you know that UNISA offers funding, in the form of bursaries and loans? Well, they do. Want some more good news? They offer these funding options for both undergraduate students and postgraduate students, let’s take a look at some of these options.

UNISA has a board called NSFAS  (National Student Financial Aid Scheme), which is part of the Department of Education and Training, which help students who are academically inclined but not financially able to be able to study at a University. When applying for this loan, an award can be given by NSFAS based on the student’s academic performance. The loan then has to be paid back with interest. A portion of the award can be granted by NSFAS based on the students’ performance for the semester.The Difference between a Loan and a Bursary

A loan generally needs to be paid back with interest, once you secure employment then this loan can start being paid back gradually each month.

The application process for NSFAS:

A NSFAS Bursary, on the other hand, is an award given that does not need to be paid back unless the student doesn’t adhere to the conditions of the bursary, which then will turn to a loan. These bursaries help facilitate and accommodate those students who have disabilities, but who have the potential for academic success. This type of bursary covers tuition fees as well as devices and materials. Applications need to be made to

The application dates are open in the first semester, from April and in the second semester from August to September. Find out more about funding here. 

Undergraduate options at UNISA

You can find a list of some of the undergraduate bursaries that are offered by UNISA, by going to their website . To qualify for a funding opportunity, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a SA citizen.
  • Have a copy of your SA ID (which is standard when applying for any varsity).
  • Have academic potential.

Postgraduate options at UNISA

A committee decides on the selection of these bursaries and they are subject to renewal if the committee finds the student is doing well academically. This is based on their results as well as the successful use of the bursary. It is available to any undergraduate who obtained a minimum of 65% aggregate at third-year level. The applicant is required to give motivation for their application by providing evidence of their need.

The terms and conditions of the bursary include:

  • The opportunity is only available to SA citizens as well as those who aren’t already being funded by other sources.
  • It covers tuition fees, materials and registration fees.
  • Bursary holders will be encouraged to apply for a Masters degree once they have completed their Postgraduate studies.

To find out more about how to apply to UNISA, click here

 EduConnect 2Cents

One shouldn’t allow past debt or financial struggle stop you from furthering one’s studies. If you’re in a tough situation, these two funding options are there to help you. Make use of them.

“A budget tells us what we can’t afford, but it doesn’t keep us from buying it”

– William Eather

Happy Studying!

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