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The Importance of Networking

by Staff Reporter

Everyday, we learn that in this job hunt, it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters. However, we bought into the notion that getting a degree, diploma or certificate guarantees you a job.  Rationally speaking, this qualifies you for the job, but who you know might just get you the job (and get your career going).

Networking sounds daunting, but it’s not that hard.  Funny enough, you could already be doing it now – making friends in your lecture rooms and attending consultations with your lecturers.  Just because we love you and we’re stressed out about students getting stressed out, we’ve researched the benefits of networking, especially for students (thanks Shellise West :))

Major Benefits in Networking

1. Referrals

Most employers would rather hire someone referred to them by someone they trust i.e. a peer or lecturer who knows you, knows your potential and your skills set. Referrals act like a pre-screen, saving the recruiter/employer time finding a suitable person for the job, and allows them to quickly get back to their business.

2. Job Opportunities


Looking for a job is a helluva lot easier if you know who’s looking for employees. Just by sitting with someone, building trust and asking questions can easily help you find out who exactly is looking to hire which type of individual, by when, what skills and qualifications they want and/or need.

3. Field Knowledge


Networking can teach you all the things that school won’t/can’t – what’s new in your chosen industry and what skills are really in short supply. This is actually quite important, you’re allowed to research and familiarise yourself with these innovations and acquire the skills lacking in that industry, making you an asset to any company, and not just another application or a candidate (we want to stand out in the crowd!)

So while you’re spending sleepless nights striving to get that A or just a pass, please spare some time in your hectic day to create contacts that could add so much value to your future.  You won’t regret it 🙂

This article originally appears on The Student Directory and we have been granted permission to republish this content 🙂  You can can also view the article on their website

You will be able to find out more about The Student Directory by visiting their website.

What’s The Student Directory all about?

They are all about student support.  The Student Directory will help you find your ideal student accommodation, a way to move all your belongings there and back, as well as provide you with general tips and info to make your journey from 1st year to graduation day a little easier.  They‘ve put together a comprehensive list of accommodation that meets their rigorous standards to ensure that you have a pleasurable stay while completing your studies. They include information on distance from various institutions, pricing, amenities, reviews from former tenants and so much more!

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