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Vocational Training – What is it?

by admin

Ever wondered about alternatives to university? Vocational training is an option. What is this and how does it apply to you? Francesca gives us some insight into this tertiary study choice.

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You’re approaching that daunting period in which everyone expects you to apply to a university.  Beating heart, throat closing up and sweaty palms.

As you clutch your sweaty hands together, it hits you. You might not even want to apply to a university.

That’s natural. Not everyone is destined to attend university, or to follow a conventional path towards their dream career. We’re here to assist in that overwhelming process. Let’s talk about one after-school possibility, which may suit you a bit more:

Vocational studies.

What does this mean? At first glance, the word vocational may look uncannily similar to vacation.  Before we go any further, unfortunately, choosing this option of study will not mean sipping on a cocktail at the beach or poolside. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it could mean anything! But hang on, we have got your back.

What is Vocational Training?

Vocational training, also known as career education, refers to studying that prioritises job-focused training.  The purpose of this: to hone skills specific to various occupations. This study option may possibly lead to association degrees and skills certificates. An associate degree is a qualification obtained at a college after a two year course. Although it is higher than a matric certificate, this qualification is still not higher than a bachelor’s degree.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]This form of study includes a range of study fields: from health care, hospitality, crime investigation, travel and tourism, food services, child care and events planning to various other skilled-based trades, such as plumbing and automotive repair.

Unlike the conventional university course, craft vocations (as this method of study is also known as) is traditionally less academically oriented. These courses focus more on the practical skills needed to work in a specific occupation.

For a long time vocational training took place in a classroom or on site. Field professionals taught both practical and theoretical lessons regarding their trade. With our fast-paced and constantly-growing technological system, the internet offers vocational courses.  This may not allow for a hands-on approach which is convenient and available to all.

Why Pursue Vocational Training?

Like any other post-matric option, vocational training is not for everyone, but here’s why we think it may be a good option for some of you:

  • By attending a vocational school you acquire skills specific to your chosen occupation. Thus, possibly making you the best candidate for the job.
  • Learning is focused on teaching that is only necessary for the specific jobs, thus creating a to-the-point, specialised course.
  • Vocational training is designed for students to transition straight into a working environment after training has been completed.
  • Emphasis is placed on practical so this is great for those who prefer hands-on
  • Students are constantly made aware of what to expect in their specific working environment.
  • Course content is always relevant and up to date, as it is required by the industry.

Is Vocational Training for Me?

  • Do you enjoy practical learning over academic-based study?
  • Do you appreciate learning a craft and skills from professionals in your desired field?
  • Do you seek an alternative learning method?
  • Does your chosen career require you to attend a traditional university?
  • What kind of qualification would you like to receive? (Degree, certificate, diploma etc.)

Deciding on which move to make after school will always be tricky. However, it is important to be clear on what field you’d like to enter and what the requirements are. Once you’ve established this, you’ll be able to assess what kind of tertiary institution would suit your needs.

It is essential to be aware of yourself, as an individual, and knowing in which environment, with which teaching method you will thrive in. Choosing the right tertiary institution for you is very important.  It’s often the launchpad to your dream career. Nobody wants to be stuck in an institution they cannot stand for the next 2-4 years. Don’t feel pressured to do what the crowd is doing either, even if it means choosing something unconventional.

Intec College

Intec College is a well-known distance learning institution.  Students have the choice of studying when it suits them best. They offer a range of vocational training programs which provide courses in a number of different areas of interest. If there is something that you have a particular interest in, take a look at the vocational programs Intec have on offer. With the selection of vocational programs, you are sure to find an option that appeals to you.

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Vocational training is a great alternative to traditional university. With a variety of study fields, this tertiary option is a great pick for anyone, especially those who prefer to get their hands dirty.

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