Fundi provides a solution that enables you to purchase items, on and off campus, without having to use cash or a bank card. With separate pockets for all your essentials, you can manage your budget by allocating funds to expenses like accommodation, food and stationary or textbooks. These pockets make sure that you don’t overspend and that you still have money left for food at the end of the month while reducing the risk of money being stolen or lost.
My Fundi Card

Our Fundi Card helps you stay focused on your studies – not on the management of your bursary funds. View your balance and track your account from our online portal. (MyEduXtras)

Get a Fundi Card

With over 120 000 cards issued to date, Fundi card is the ideal solution for students and employees to access their bursary funds through a cashless debit card system. Find out how to manage study financing with the Fundi Card.

Attendance Management

Your Fundi Card is your gateway to accessing your education. This card enables you to track your class attendance, giving your bursar peace of mind. Our attendance monitoring tool also ensures that your parents, sponsor, bursar or funder receives an automated report of your learnership management.