Enabling gifted learners with bursaries empowers individuals to achieve their dreams. At Fundi, we are equipped to support your bursary fund by managing the distribution of these funds to students.
Administer Bursary Funds

Put your bursary money in the safest hands – yours. Control the way your bursary money is spent, and give the recipient a better chance at success.

Partnering for success

Let us partner with you and your company to provide: secure and transparent fund management and spending, appropriate deployment of funds, direct access to student info live journal entries and end-to-end bursary administration.

Our Fundi Card

Fundi has pioneered a product called Fundi Card to eliminate the admin burden of bursary fund management. It assists to budget for and control bursary fund spend on essential study requirements, including tuition fees, books, accommodation, food and other study related items.