In order to realise our ambition, we have over the years developed strategic partnerships to ensure that we are connected to the right partners. These partnerships enable us to support and finance education by providing students the tools they need to succeed. In this way we’re helping students – young and old – across South Africa to know more and become more.
Private schools

Fundi partners with public and private schools to provide innovative financial solutions. Through the school cashless solution, schools no longer have to deal with the risks and costs of cash on school premises while reducing administration requirements.

Tertiary institutions

We work with some of South Africa’s leading tertiary institutions. We’ve built long-lasting partnerships with virtually all of them, and are constantly expanding our network to enable you to study at the university or college of your choice.

Business schools

We collaborate with the country’s top business schools to co-create solutions that meet student needs. This win-win approach means that we’re able to impact some of the most pressing education challenges and create a pipeline that enables the best minds.


Dynamic partnerships with corporates are key for us to help solve the complex education financing challenges facing our country. Using our multi-asset approach, we’ve developed a number of sustainable solutions to assist you.