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Fundi’s Learnership &Recruitment system will help you find the right students, graduates and interns that fit your organisation and also help fight South Africa’s massive unemployment crisis by upskilling young graduates. Companies that adopt Learnership Programmes can also receive tax rebates of up to R40 000 per learner and provide a massive opportunity to build a human capital pipeline?

Fundi’s Learnership & Recruitment System saves HR Managers both time and money. Did you know It takes 6-8 weeks and up to R80 000 to recruit learners, graduates or interns at most companies.

With thousands of CV's landing on your desk, how can you be certain that the graduate, intern or learnership candidates you recruit will be the right fit for your organisation?

Outsource your Learnership Recruitment to Fundi and we will recruit candidates who perfectly fit your organisation’s selection criteria.

Why you should Partner with Fundi today:

1. Because doing good, is good for business.
2. Companies can benefit from tax rebates of up to R40 000 per learnership
3. It’s a great way to employ cost effective, academically skilled resources.
4. Learnerships allow companies to build a strong human capital pipeline.
5. Companies can qualify for level 1 BEE

Talk to the experts today. Email bsp@fundi.co.za