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Fundi is South Africa’s leading Education Finance specialist. At Fundi, we believe that the more you know, the more you can become. Fundi enables you to pursue your dreams. Fundi covers all things education finance from tuition loans, device loans, to MBA loans. You can even find student accommodation through Fundi’s online platform, buy airtime and data and get eBooks. All your educational needs in one place.


Fundi is South Africa’s leading education finance and Fund Management Specialist. Positioned at the epicentre of technology, education and financial services. Fundi is a specialist in B2B education finance for your staff as well as cashless solutions for your business. We also provide fund management services to institutions at all levels, as well as Fund Management solutions for Corporate Bursary programmes .

Our Solutions

Educational Loans

Fundi offers the finance you need for your educational journey, and provides funding for the following.

Cashless FundiCard

Our innovative, smart card technology is trusted by leading education institutions and over 2 570 retail outlets.

Airtime & Data

With several payment methods, we have made purchasing airtime and data simple on the Fundi Platform.

Bursary Fund Management

Fundi assists businesses and organisations administer staff and student bursaries, scholarships and intern funds.

Bursary Support Programme

We understand that students need more than academia to succeed. That’s why we offer a support programme.

Accommodation Solution

The Fundi Digital Student Accommodation Platform is designed to simplify the student accommodation journey.

Recruitment & Learnership

This is a recruitment programme that enables HR to recruit suitable candidates who fit their organisation.

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Fundi Shop

We have some amazing device deals for you from Tablets and Smartphones to Laptops. Our suppliers source the best technology at affordable prices so that you can always have access to the latest devices. Get a new device today with a Fundi Loan and enjoy affordable monthly repayments.


We put out a call to fund financially excluded students. We received applications for funding from 17 000 students. Of the funds raised we were able to pay registration fees of 106 deserving students from the first draw of 166 students. Your support will go a long way to helping us send more students to varsity.

Campaign Update

FundiFund has and continues to administer the recruitment, auditing and disbursement of the funds.We have provided updates on this project and will continue to do so as the project is still in process, due to the selected phased approach of receiving and disbursing the funds.


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Student accommodation platform launch.

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Mbulaheni Mbodi: Fundi customer.

Magness Vanqa: Fundi customer.

Fundi Talks: Exam nutrition.

Fundi Talks: Exam attitude.

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