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A leading education finance provider since 1996

Who we are

Fundi is South Africa's leading specialist in education finance and fund management solutions. Since 1996, we have helped over 1.8 million students pursue their dreams. Our comprehensive student loans cover a range of educational costs—from tuition fees and device loans to MBA loans and accommodation, there’s a lot more for you at Fundi.

At Fundi, "Know more. Be More." isn't just a motto-it's our guiding ethos, our North Star. A promise to empower, to uplift and to insprire. Because when we enable students to succeed, we all rise together.

As South Africa's leading education finance and fund management specialist, we are positioned at the epicentre of technology, education and finance services. We are experts in our field, offering B2B education finance to your organization's staff as well as cashless solutions for your business. We also provide fund management services to institutions at all levels, as well as Fund Management solutions for Corporate Bursary programmes.


Chief Executive Officer:

Mala Suriah

Chief Financial Officer:

Jan Kitshoff

Executive head: EBS & New Initiatives

Benedict Johnson

Executive head: Operations

Elmarie Britz

Executive head: Lending

Mary Maponya

Executive head: IT

Jacques Van Rooijen

Head of Human Capital:

Anelani Ndou

Executive head: Strategic Projects and Analytics

Dumisani Sibanda

Fundi is a level 1 B-BBEE contributor with 200+ staff members and over 65% female representation. At its core, the Fundi culture is driven by our people-first strategy. We believe that when we take care of our employees, there is a ripple effect that reverberates on a customer level. A Fundi is, by nature a learned sophisticated being and all our staff members are experts in their own operational and functional areas.

We are a family that believes charity begins at home and our staff salary contributions enable us to do good business internally, allowing us to take care of the educational needs of our people. We have a hybrid remote working model that allows for flexibility and a favourable working environment, which enables us to deliver the dreams of thousands of students, all from the comfort of our own home.

Fundi Solutions

Fundi is South Africa's leading Education Finance specialist. At Fundi, we believe that the more you know, the more you can become. Fundi enables you to pursue your dreams. Fundi covers all things education finance from tuition loans, device loans, to MBA loans. You can even find student accommodation through Fundi's online platform, buy airtime and data, and get eBooks. All your educational needs in one place.

Positioned at the epicentre of technology, education, and financial services. Fundi is a specialist in B2B education finance for your staff as well as cashless solutions for your business. We also provide fund management services to institutions at all levels, as well as Fundi Management solutions for Corporate Bursary programmes.

Student Loans

Offering student loans, device loans, bursary management and more, we ensure holistic support.

Cashless FundiCard

Our pioneering Fundi Card has administered over R3 billion to 200,000+ students and 120+ organisations.

Airtime & Data

With several payment methods, we have made purchasing airtime and data simple on the Fundi platform.

Bursary Fund Management

Fundi assists businesses and organisations administer staff and student bursaries, scholarships and intern funds.

Bursary Support Programme

We understand that students need more than academia to succeed. That’s why we offer a Bursary Support Programme.

Accommodation Solution

The Fundi Digital Student Accommodation Platform is designed to simplify the student accommodation journey.

Learnership & Recruitment

This is a recruitment programme that enables HR to recruit suitable candidates to fit their organisation.


FundiConnect is an online information platform that offers study advice, career guidance and funding information to learners and students.

FundiMatch Career Guidance Assessments

Our FundiMatch psychometric testing platform allows students to unlock their potential and achieve their academic goals.


We have partnered with ABX Health, through their Well2Care platform, to provide students with digital access to health and wellness solutions.

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Fundi Shop

We have some amazing device deals for you from Tablets and Smartphones to Laptops. Our suppliers source the best technology at affordable prices so that you can always have access to the latest devices. Get a new device today with a Fundi Loan and enjoy affordable monthly repayments.


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