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Fundi is South Africa’s leading Education Finance specialist. At Fundi, we believe that the more you know, the more you can become. Fundi enables you to pursue your dreams. Fundi covers all things education finance from tuition loans, device loans, to MBA loans. You can even find student accommodation through Fundi’s online platform, buy airtime and data and get eBooks. All your educational needs in one place.


Fundi is South Africa’s leading education finance and Fund Management Specialist. Positioned at the epicentre of technology, education and financial services. Fundi is a specialist in B2B education finance for your staff as well as cashless solutions for your business. We also provide fund management services to institutions at all levels, as well as Fund Management solutions for Corporate Bursary programmes .

Our Solutions

Educational Loans

Fundi offers the finance you need for every step of your educational journey, and provides funding for the following.

Cashless FundiCard

Our innovative, smart card technology is trusted by leading education institutions and over 2 570 retail outlets.

Airtime & Data

With severeal payment methods, we have made purchasing airtime and data simple on the Fundi Platform.

Bursary Fund Management

Fundi assists businesses and organisations administer staff and student bursaries, scholarships and intern funds.

Bursary Support Programme

We understand that students need more than academia to succeed. That’s why we offer a support programme.

Accommodation Solution

The Fundi Digital Student Accommodation Platform is designed to simplify the student accommodation journey.



Fundi’s corporate social investment desires to make a greater impact in transforming and enabling dreams. A percentage of the companies PAT and employee contributions is committed to give back to the community, however the demand is greater which led Fundi into creative a FundiFund foundation. The Foundation purpose is to give the general public a platform to donate funds towards enabling career dreams the society. This initiative is open to companies, entrepreneurs, community groups and individuals to donate any amount towards the fund that will be awarded to deserving students qualifying to be enabled by the FundiFund scheme.


Our Stories

Student accommodation platform launch.

Meet Our Customers.

Mbulaheni Mbodi: Fundi customer.

Magness Vanqa: Fundi customer.

Fundi Talks: Exam nutrition.

Fundi Talks: Exam attitude.

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As experts in Forex trading with a far-reaching network within the financial industry, GFEFS offers specialised services in the transference of funds across borders, between domestic and foreign accounts, that we will assist in setting up.